Thursday, September 6, 2007

The barn - a step forward

The barn - a step forward?

The cost of this project has been extreme, and so when we found a barn that someone was just going to bulldoze we jumped at the chance to climb up 40 feet to salvage rafters, doors, and beams. Any wood that can be used will be used in restoring and renovating the outbuildings on the estate. (Thank you Judy and Eric Tanger!) Of course the weather has made it difficult. Each day it suited us to work the sun seemed a bit hotter or the air heavy with humidity. There was little breeze and no shade up on the roof. But the pile of wood growing in the barn on our property is rewarding.

Next, the highest part of the barn had to come down, and we stood at the bottom trying to figure out how to safely bring it down with out becoming part of it. The Tangers decided to use a track hoe excavator to push the barn over. Judy said it was a soft drop. But the rafters were toast. Not a one was spared by the weight of the beams that came down too. Oh well, we still have a lot of good wood to salvage.

Thanksgiving was coming, and the Tangers were getting understandably restless. It’s high time this job is finished. Darin, Rob and I tried to get to the barn every day, but between the weather and the daily responsibilities of work, the farm, and whatever popped up it became impossible to get back to the barn. It is now the week after Thanksgiving, and we have not been back to the barn since the beginning of November. We have the Coleman Christmas Tour scheduled for December 1st. The house must be decorated, the guests undisturbed, but I digress. I hope to get back to the barn, but the days are slipping by, and the year has almost ended.

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