Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall has arrived

November 2007

The days are much shorter, and the air has an invigorating chill. Our huge sycamore trees are emptying their brown leaves onto the lawn. Other trees surround us in red, gold, and rust. But soon these lovely autumn colors will give way to winter’s more quieter whites, deep evergreens and browns.

This morning I walked down to the Wolf Sanctuary with some of the guests. The two sweet, black cats walked with us, the birds chirped from treetops, and a breeze blew softly. Even the wolves laid around quietly, seeming to also enjoy the peacefulness of the morning.

Fall is a perfect time of the year to stroll or bike down to lake or take a walk around the trail at Speedwell Forge Park. Both are only minutes away.

Several months ago a guest introduced me to letter-boxing, a kind of outdoor treasure hunt that combines navigational skills and rubber-stamp artistry. The guest showed me her own book that included stamps she collected from many places. I was so interested to learn there are at least two letter-boxes in Speedwell Forge Park and another in the park in Lititz. Another type of treasure hunt is geo-caching, and our Bed and Breakfast sign is part of geo-caching hunt. These are great outdoor activities for all ages. You can read more about these hunts at and Happy hunting!

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