Sunday, December 30, 2007

White Christmas, maybe

December 2007

It’s snowing! It’s December! Yes! Will we have a white Christmas? Wait, it’s not quite December, but almost. The bed and breakfast is on the Coleman Christmas open-house tour, and we have to be ready by December 1. That means the entire house must be cleaned and decorations put up. We all have our own ideas about decorating, and Ruth and I have not had help before. Ruth rallied Char and Rachel into action, but they forgot to tell me the details and just went about with their plans. I loved it, and I hated it. They were going full steam ahead, and they were brilliant. Everything was lovely. Except I did not get to help. I know, I know, there is always so much to do upstairs—the books, the bills, the Christmas gifts for guests and family. Sigh, I just wanted to join in the fun, so what did I do? I sulked, I took photos of the ladies decorating, I made cookies, I worked on the books, and I shared opinions . . . for better or worse! At 5:00 p.m. I told everyone to go home and decorate her own house. Then Darin and I put up the tree in the parlor. It was wonderfully quiet and fun. We put the lights on and then an assortment of balls and glass icicles. We got spinners for the crystal decorations, and we put birds in the real bird’s nest that came from the Christmas tree from last year. It was lovely—and a perfect evening to an otherwise hectic day. Many thanks to Ruth, Char and Rachel for making the house sparkle. You are the bestest of the bestest!

So, there was no snow, but the tour folks came, and everyone enjoyed eating the cookies and candy laid out for them. As usual I did not get pictures of the visitors. I just talked to all who entered the kitchen—and there were many.

We send warmest wishes from our home to yours for Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all! Don’t forget that winter is a wonderful time to drive to our house for a night or two of peaceful sleep and hearty breakfasts.

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