Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two Years? So much to do....

Almost two years have passed since we opened! How could that be? Christmas was just here, then the cold seemed to go on forever, and rain and more cold. We filled the two thousand gallon propane tanks for the 4th time and I thought - we will never make it at this pace. Will it ever get warm? Then just last week it did. Cold one day and then it was just warm. Just like that. Humph! How does this happen! Now I am trying to get the garden ready and the flowers planted and the dogs brushed and my goodness there is much to do. We are having our first real spring lightening and thunder storm of the year, and it feels just like last year all over again. Only this time I am ready! I have unplugged much of the phone and computer system and I don't have a switch board to blow up this year, so if the lightening creeps up the phone line this year - well who knows.

Anyway, we are getting ready for a beautiful summer and a busy one at that. The B&B and Wolf Sanctuary are preparing for a Music and Art with the Wolves. It will be an all day 11am to 9pm event. With music, and art and hay rides and face painting and food. The acts booked so far are Scott Galbraith, the Reese Project and the Carmitchell Sisters. I am so jazzed (no pun intended). I can't wait to see how it all pans out. We have had a wonderful response from local artists and have even started talking with the local news papers and magazines to let everyone know. Anyone have any ideas on marketing please feel free to post it, or email me. Thanks -- I will post again soon all the preparations. Thanks goes out to all the volunteers at the Wolf Sanctuary for all their hard work and dedication. Of course I thank Ruthy and Sherry for all of their hard work here at the B&B too. They really make us shine. ;-)

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