Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God grant me strength.

My day, and that’s everyday, starts early in the morning when I get up to make breakfast for my guests. But today was the first day I had off in weeks. And I am not complaining! But when this happens, I’m never quite sure what to start doing first. I could paint, pull weeds, or work in my office. One thing for sure today is the HVAC guy is coming for the annual maintenance.

What I did not expect was a (surprise for me) letter from my bank telling me that although I’ve been making payments on my debt on time, the balance is now due—to the tune of many thousands of dollars. I’ve been working hard at paying off my debts, and this one, now due far sooner than I expected, is next to the largest. I feel undone!

I tell guests to dream big, shoot for the stars, push yourself to the limits, and test yourself regularly. Now my testing time has come, and I find myself talking to God more and more. Is He listening? I’m not sure how many more tests I can take. God only knows!

Anyway, as I was typing along here, the phone rang. It was a past guest traveling through the area again, deciding to spend the night. Wow, I guess He is watching, even as I write, and listening!

A recent guest wrote in the room journal, “Cats, Books, Wolves, Bed and Breakfasts, Life IS good.” And I can only agree!

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