Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Green, Green, Green at Speedwell Forge

What we do,

We strive very hard to do our part to respect our environment and be a good steward of the land. Here's a few steps that we take at the inn:

  • Buy local produce from farms - especially the Amish and Mennonite farms
  • Have a Sani-Jet whirlpool tub in both our cottages and an Aquatic Whirlpool tub in the mansion - no need to refill with water to sanitize as there are no pipes in which water can settle.
  • Recycle all #1 and #2 plastic, papers, and metal
  • Take used egg cartons back to the egg farmers to reuse
  • Have Low E storm panels in windows with UV protection to save on A/C and heating costs and cuts down on the need to repaint or refinish walls and furniture
  • Use CF bulbs where possible
  • Recycle used magazines
  • Newspapers are reused for animal bedding
  • Re-use all office paper as scrap
  • Use home grown herbs
  • Shop locally and support small stores
  • Buy local products like flour, sausage, chicken, breads, cheese instead of brands that have been trucked across the country
  • Use energy star appliances
  • Combine our car trips
  • Use front-load water-saving washer and dryer
  • Do not use any chemicals or sprays on flower gardens or grass
  • Use vinegar to clean our windows
  • Re-use furniture - all of our antiques have been lovingly used by other generations
  • Regularly donate to Goodwill or have garage sales instead of throwing out
  • Use bagless vaccum
  • Make homemade granola for breakfast which helps cut down on packaging
  • Turn off lights in the house to conserve energy and ask show guests where the light switches are located
  • Keep heat settings low and lower in unused rooms to conserve fuel
  • Reuse water from dehumidifiers for ironing and watering plants
  • We use a Solar dryer when weather permits (clothes line)

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