Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ruthless at the B&B

We have been open for a little over two years. Ruth, Darin, and I have been here from the beginning, and Sherry came not to long after. We have watched the B&B come alive and grow. We have worked hard together to shape a class act. We have had our growing pains, fun and laughs as well as tears. Well I guess there will be more growing pains and a few more tears. We bid farewell to our Ruthy. Our sparkle and joy, our always ready to lend a hand has been claimed by the great out doors. Yes, she is leaving us. Why? Well its just she is a people person and there are no people to talk to while making the rooms clean. So off she goes to Delaware to work three days a week at a farmers market. Humff!

Funny how things go. Last year, when Ruthy was going away for a few days she wrote a small book of what to do in each room, so we could get by without her. Darin came up with a title -- "Ruthless at the B&B." She didn't take kindly to the title at first, but then it dawned on here that it meant B&B with no Ruthy (nothing so bad as she may have pondered). Well, February 1, 2009, we shall be truly Ruthless at the B&B.

We bid farewell to our friend and confidant. May the sun shine bright above your stand at the market, and you find your happy place.

For those of us left behind, we shall continue to make the mansion and cottages sparkle. But occasionally we will stop and sniffle just a little.

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