Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Writing right

I am going to write in this blog if it kills me. I have never been a big writer. In fact I was a paralegal for 16 years and I am not sure I know how to write. Ok okay! I know how to write facts, but add a little puff, and I want to take it right out. So many people tell me to just write as I was speaking. But you know that is a little hard for me, I am way to wordy. I tend to ramble on just to make sure you really get what I am saying. Then I back track because I remembered that there was more to tell. Oh I will get the hang of this. I have years to practice and all of you to practice on while I hone this skill.

My mom is an excellent writer. She writes letters for the Wolf Sanctuary and folks love them. They are all in third party, and usually the third party is a wolf. But they are creative and tell a story. She is brilliant really. While staying at the B&B you may even bump into her. She lives just down the driveway and to the right. I love her death. But I digress. I was complaining in my own little way that I want to write in my blog and I really don't know what to write about - sooooo I am just going to write about what ever and you can tell me what you think through comments. TTFN Dawn

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