Monday, March 16, 2009

The call of Spring

I heard it a few weeks ago, but didn't believe it. The call of Spring. I couple geese flew over, making their unmistakable honking. Here comes warmer weather I thought to myself. That thought quickly faded away as the sunshine was replace by clouds and rain. Then snow and thirty degree weather. Burrrr. Will this ever end. Silly really, this is a cycle I seem to repeat every year. I love the winter, then I can't wait until it ends. This year seemed a bit more then hurry and get warm as the price of fuel soared then came down for no apparent reason then up it goes again. Anyway I digress. The geese are in numbers now. Spring is on the way. The days are getting longer, the days are getting warmer. I can't wait!!! Flowers will be popping up, in fact they are already peeking through! With the warmer days coming. There is much on the list of things to do. Keep an eye on the blog. There is much on the horizon from weddings to alternative energy.

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