Monday, March 2, 2009

Tea at the Mansion

It was scheduled before Christmas and confirmed in January. When did I do my menu? February 21, 2009. When is the tea? 12 noon February 28, 2009. I have been given magazines, books and recipes. Tonight I sit going through them and WOW there is so much to choose from.
How much should I make?

Well the day has arrived and here is the menu:

Fresh fruit cup
Cucumber and dill triangles / Sun dried tomato scones with clotted cream pine nuts and basil / Ham and Cheese Panini
Butternut Squash soup
Cherry Chocolate scones / Lemon Poppy Scones with Lemon Curd / and Pumpkin bread wedges
Four layer Chocolate Cake
Apple spice tea / White tea tangerine / Breakfast tea

Sherry came in early and helped build the sandwiches and prepare the tea. Then she took off to start preparing the rooms for the folks checking in that day. Darin cleaned the dishes from breakfast. I started putting the dishes together for the rest of the tea, and Patty saved us by helping to serve. :-) It all went very well! We had a smashing good time. When the ladies all left to take a tour of the wolf sanctuary, I headed for the Boy's room, it was 2:15 pm. I cleaned it and Sherry did the finishing touches (vacuum and candy) just as the front door opened and in walked our first check in for the day. The guests for the Boy's room. Wheww.

The folks for the Paymaster did stop by earlier just to say hello, but their room was not ready. I gave them a map and direction and they said they would be back sometime later.

Breakfast that day was nine, with two opting to stay in their cottage. They made their own breakfast and the other seven came in for a lovely breakfast of quiche, baked apple and home made granola -- Yummy.

I think I will take a nap now. :-)

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