Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Are you able to go up and down stairs? Can you do laundry, iron and fold without breaking a sweat? Do you love to clean, take great pleasure in a sparkling clean bathroom. Consider it a job worth doing, when no one else is around or watching over your shoulder? Then this is the place for you. Its been 4 months and we have not been able to find someone who can clean three rooms, fluff two and get most if not all of the laundry done in 6 hours. Its a thankless job. No one really thinks about the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. The countless hours that go into making sure sheets are flat, pillows fluffed, floors shine and bathrooms sparkle. Not to mention common areas and private areas.

We who live it think about. Ruth always said anyone could do her job. Sherry and I disagree. NO not anyone can do her job. You have to care, you have to want to do more then less. We are looking for that special someone who loves to clean! You see you have to love what you do to leave a bit of that love behind in everything that you touch so when the guest walks in, they feel it. The room just screams at you - RELAX, TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF (oh ya did that already) AND STAY AWHILE. We need someone who gets it. This is not just a job, this is an adventure!

Yes we are a bit eccentric and yes we do work 24/7 but that is all part of the B&B claim to fame. WE INVITE someone to take part in this grand adventure. Come work with us, and be part of making people happy -- smiles are contagious.

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