Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fritz, the cat

So yesterday I was working on by books in the office when Sherry came up and asked if something was wrong with my cat. Which one? Fritz, his eye looks funny. Well he had been out all night and he was chasing a big tom cat last time I saw him. He probably got a little scratch, but I went to investigate anyway. There he was looking all pitiful on the porch step. I got down to give him a closer look and his eye was closed, and there was something stuck at the corner. I little piece of wood. I went to remove it, and realized it was not just stuck there, but stuck in the socket.

I my god! Okay remain calm, don't want to freak him out. Give it a little tug, its just there. It couldn't be stuck too deep. He seems fine otherwise. No its not coming, thoughts racing! Remain calm, remain calm. Call the vet, no number, its the weekend....luckily the vet had been on the property earlier and the sanctuary had the doctor's cell phone. A call was placed and she was here within the hour. She assessed the situation, gave the stick a good yank and out this inch and half piece of wood emerged. Yuck! Ouch!!! Oh my poor baby boy! I looked at the doctor -- is he going to be ok??? Well his eye seems to be intact, but time will tell there is too much swelling.

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