Monday, May 4, 2009

Making of a Wedding Site

20 years in the making, a building that had to either get a new roof or disappear. My granpa built it to hold his tractors and farm impliments. But back as far as I can remember there was never a roof. Just beams, then there were no beams. We talked to the powers that be while the mansion was under restoration. New roof? Sure you can put a new roof on, but FIRST (hummmm, I love hearing those words)you have to have an engineer redesign the roof, call the township and get a water retention plan for all that water your going to displace and dig trenches around the building to catch all that displaced water so it can seep back into the ground. My question is -- if the water hits the roof and flows down to the ground, isn't it going to do that anyway?

Well we looked into different roofs. A green roof seemed the best idea. But the cost of the engineers seemed to out way saving the eye soar that this cement block building had become.

So down it came, April 2009. John and Darin went to work on a clowdy day with their skid loaders and bachoe.

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