Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things accomplished, nothing done...

I made breakfast today for four people, talked on the phone to folks for the wolf sanctuary and the bed and breakfast and fielded some personal calls for personal projects. Checked the email, answered some email. I did laundry: washed, dried, ironed and folded. I cleaned two rooms and fluffed one, and vacuumed the second floor. Brushed the cats, and brushed my hair. I had to take a break you know. :-) I did the dishes, visited with guests, and baked cookies. I shared the cookie doe with a guest. Okay, she got to clean the bowl and the blenders. I did more dishes. Changed the cat box and talked to a photographer on the phone about an article that they are doing on the B&B. Made some appointments, and oh I don't know -- there should be more because it is almost 7pm and I feel like I did not do anything! Oh well there is always tomorrow. Breakfast is at 9am -- see you there.

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