Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unplug and Unwind

Did you ever notice that you have to do something before you can do something else? Sigh, so many responsibilities and very little time. Take a moment and just appreciate each other. Leave the cell phone in the car, your lap top at home, and god knows what you use to connect and communicate with the world.

You will not want to use them here. This is a time to unplug and unwind. Your obligated by your senses to set aside the world and relax. You just can't help yourself. My home just wraps itself around you and you feel at ease, at home and far away from those not so little annoyances that creep into your life and raise your blood pressure, making you just want to scream -- WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEE!

Here at Speedwell Forge the wolves will beckon you to think of a more simple life just for a moment, escape. Close your eyes and listen....birds, bull frogs, sounds of nature. Watch our cats play or the water flow by. Serenity, not just a dream a reality. The colors, the shades of green intoxicating. Shuuuu, what was that? That's your heart silly, a quiet beating, a slight smile. Ahhhh. Take time to breath. Take time for a DEEP breath. Soak in the whirl pool, slip on your robe and relax.

See you in the morning for breakfast!


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