Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I haven't been here in a while. I mean blogging. I meant to, but it just gets later in the day, then all I want to do is sleep. Go figure. Anyway, Darin has been surfing the auction waive, and has come across some drinking glasses just like the ones we use for our breakfasts. WOW! I have been short on both large and small for months. Maybe more like a year. So there he was at midnight one evening and I hear, hey come look at this. Okay I am right beside him reading a magazine, or maybe I was doing dishes. :-) I scoot over and look over his shoulder there one was sitting in a little box with a bunch of other glasses. We need to go! I say. Go we did, the auction was in Maryland, and it started at 3pm. It was a huge action and it should have started earlier for as much as was there, we went we got the glass and we got home at 1am. It should be that easy, but I am only learning how to bid, and I got a little shy, and there went my glass to another lady for $10. Humph! Well Darin saved the day, he walked over to the lady and offered her $10 and she accepted. Yeaaaaa, he is so wonderful, and so loving. The glass is now safely washed and has joined the breakfast ranks with its cousins.

Then we saw another auction with 2 of the same glasses. We went and watched and waited and when they came up I got them -- no hesitation this time. $1 the two glasses are mine, and so was a bunch of other stuff I did not need, but it was in the lot.

I am thrilled. I now have 14 glasses in my set again. I need 4 of the small ones, any help is appreciated. I will post a photo soon. Thanks! Dawn

PS, I am not sure what type of glasses they are so if you recognize the style I would appreciate you letting me know.

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