Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Searching for Food and Good Atmospher

Darin and I get to go out maybe once a month to dinner. Sunday night, it had been a particularly long day. Neither of us wanted to cook, so we went out. Where do you want to go? I hate that question! I don't know, lets look in the phone book. No, to many to skim through and to many pizza places to skim over. I grabbed the news paper, Lititz Record Express, on the back page is a Dining Out section. A quick scan revealed a place we had not been. Union Barrel Works, Reamstown PA. Hummmm. We went (a 25 minute drive), we walked in and our first impression was clean, well lit, nice music. We were greeted almost immediately and were told that the dining room was closed, but that the bar menu was still available. BAR MENU! We almost walked out right there, but -- OK let me look at the menu. WOW, this is not your normal bar food, there are things on here not fried. So we stayed. We discovered this place makes their own beer, and has a wonderful inexpensive sampler. Mind you we are not connoisseurs, but impressed we were. The food? Also very good, the servings proportioned well, and the service friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend this place to my guests.

Many thanks to Justin, our waiter.

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