Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back again

Well the cement guy was actually here to take care of a step repair. No biggy. I just did not know he was coming. So much to do, so little time. Sigh. Anyway. I am working on my barn. No I am not renovating it. I am just repairing it. It will be rustic when I am done, but we can still have weddings outside and have a place to go when it rains. Yeaaaaaa! So we did the siding, and now we are putting doors back up where they belong, and giving our pigions eviction notices. I want to get it all closed up before sping when birds come to make their nests inside my barn. It gets so messy in there, and you would not want to be walking around in there during that time. Let me tell you. Yuck!

We can also have a nice indoor place for our artists during the music and art with the wolves too. I am excited. So when you are here, don't forget to take pictures of what we are doing and the general surroundings, so when you come back you can tell me what has changed!

Well I have to go clean the kitchen. Talk to you later.

Oh by the way, Happy New Year. If you are out and about this evening go see whats coming down or maybe going up!....


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