Monday, May 17, 2010

Barn renovation

I learn as I go.

I have been talking about this for two years. I want to clean out the barn and use it for fund raisers and indoor activities for my guests. Last year we started cleaning out both the first and second floor of the barn. Not just moving things around but really getting rid of this and that. Can you imagine? I thought the house was bad, but there were things in this barn! STUFF for lack of a better term. I took pictures, I am sure of it. There were things in this barn that I wondered, why? Old stoves, washers, airconditioners, pond pumps, trany cases, cow feeders (the kind the cow would push with his nose to get water), bed frames, boat decks, pvc piping, old empty paint cans, old farm impliments, car seats, hinges. Why was this stuff there, it should have been donated, thrown away or sold! Ahhhhh! There is an old console tv up there with the tube still in it. I know some of us still know about that sort of thing. Right up there with vinal, but I digress.

You think getting rid of "stuff" would be easy. Pull up a dumpster and throw it in. No, I just can't do it. I need to recycle it, sell it, scrap it. Find a good home for what is still in good or reasonably good condition. Maybe even find a new use for it. Like the bed frame. I should find a corner of the yard, place it there and put a raised flower bed in it. I am a bed and breakfast after all. :)

We put siding on the barn and that really helped to bring some color back to the land scape. This was months ago. To tell you the truth there is so much going on here day by day that I would have to look at the bill to tell you when I did that.

Today is a landmark day, my roofers showed up to take a good look see at the material that covers the barn. Old metal sheeting. It is our hope that they can pull out all the nails and screw it all back down. Remove someones idea of sky lights from the west side and make a nice tight structure out of the old 50s style cow barn. She is a beauty for her day. The barn is over 40feet long ok maybe more like 120 feet long. Can someone please come measure my barn. Jeeze!

Gotta run, its 8:30am and I think I here life in the house. Breakfast time! TTFN

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