Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lititz PA 4th of July celebration, Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Lititz has the best 4th of July celebration. While I am talking about Lititz let me tell you about the most lovely little park you would ever want to stroll through. Lititz Springs Park a natural spring flows at the head and meanders poetically through the park. Ducks have made a home for the summer. It's just lovely. Every year for well over 100 years a spectacular light show is held in honor of our independence. The town gets super busy with the excitement building until BOOM the event unfolds before you over you. At the end, maybe you seek something refined yet tastefully simple. That is where I come in. Come home to my little slice of heaven. Speedwell Forge with quiet little tree frogs peeping away lightening bugs just starting their own light show evening birds chirping in the summer season. Shuuuu relax outside beside the wolf sanctuary. Listen, they may howl just for you. Talk to them and listen to their secrets.

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