Monday, May 10, 2010

Sheba, our little black dog.

I had a good friend for the last 5 years. She was warm and caring with big brown eyes that would melt your heart. She had this way about her. Of course you didn't always know what she was thinking, but when she wanted something YOU KNEW. She would nudge at you, and make these little arf arf vocals, a quiet gurrrrrr. YOU THERE! YOU better pay attention to ME. I was not always patient and I would ask her to move or wait when I was in the kitchen, but I loved her just the same. My little sweet pea I called her from time to time. Always ready to great me and her daddy Darin. She had been feeling a little low for a while now, especially the last few days. She was a grand old lady of 11 1/2. Friday night her wag was less pronounced. Her gurrr a bit quieter. When she greeted me in the morning she didn't wag her tail, only looked up at me as if to say I don't feel good. Leave me sleep a bit longer. When Darin got up shortly after me she asked to be carried down to the first floor, she was hesitant to go down the stairs. Stairs that before she raced up and down in a gleeful sprint. Can't catch me! she would taunt. Darin called Uncle Bill her vet, and took her in at 10:30am. She did not come home. Darin, White Feather and I went back in around, silly I don't remember the time. We went in to say good buy. She had kidney failure. My mind raced, all that I know and I could do nothing for our little dog, our friend. Sometimes she would lay her ears a certain way and she would look like a little donkey. Donkey dog we would call her. She did not seem to mind. I don't really remember much after our good-buy. I sat in her yard for a short while in the shade. She would have been in the sun. Our little black donkey dog. Darin's friend and confidant for 11 plus years. So short is this time on our planet.

We race along and occasionally something happens to remind us time is short. We will miss you sweet pea. You go to the great hunt. No collars, or leads. No one calling you to come, don't go to far. We will love you forever! Until we meet again, we love you.


Tom said...

Dawn and Darren,

Sheba was so sweet. Terribly sorry.

She'll be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.

yksnyder said...

Awwww. So sad to hear this news. I really liked her. Sorry for your loss.