Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lost Keys

I got to go away for a day. Yes it happens. Darin and I went to visit his parents in Snowshoe. It was snowing when we left, we got stuck behind two plows and the ride took considerably longer than anticipated. We go there. Midnight but we were there safe and sound. Why did we go? We had baby birds to deliver for rearing. They are so cute! But I digress. Went to bed around 2am. Got up around 7:30am and relaxed until 2pm. Then home we came. The next morning I started looking for my car keys. Humph, no bob and key in sight. Checked all my purses, bags, coats. That is a task in itself, but to no avail. I have actually lost my car keys, and I had to get to the township to deliver a check. Rita needed it this week! ACK!!! I feel like a kid, having to call my teacher but I did it, I called Rita and apoligized that I would be late. I could use the drop box if I had too. Sigh. Anyway, Joel the key guy saved my butt for a small fee of $212. Okay that was not just for the car key, he did some other stuff for me on my house, which he included in that bill.

So I have never been without my bob and key. Never locked the car door without it, so how was I to know that when you lock the door you can't just open it again with just he key! The alarm is going off and will not stop. I sit there frantically trying to figure this out. I pulled the owners manuel from the glove box but there is no help in this stupid little book of nonsense. The phone starts to ring. So I answer the phone and make a really bad impression on someone wanting information on the B&B and the Wolf Sanctuary. Arg! Why did I answer the phone? I don't KNOW! Anyway, I look at my new droid and well, it helped me find a dealership service tech who kindly told me the error of my ways. Following his instruction I disabled the bleeping car alarm that had at this point brought me almost to tears. But the alarm was off. I am to report to the dealership and get a new bob to go with my new key before trying to lock my car usuing the interrior buttons again. Yes sir! Thank you so much.

Off to the corporate verizon store to get my new phone armed with my old phones numbers. Something the place I bought it from neglected to tell me they could not do. Sigh.

A bit of grocery shopping then home again. All in a day’s work. That's right there is always some life lesson just hiding around the corner. :) I think I will go the other way next time.

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