Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving On

A friend, and guest of this property has lost her father this past night. We grieve and hold her close in our thoughts as she travels this day to stay with us. Memories of my father's loss flood back into me as I feel for this woman. I met her first as a guest of my B&B. She found her way here to meet our Wolves. A lover of wolves, and of all creatures big and small. Stand with me and hold vigil for we have all felt this pain of loss. Family or dear friend....

Moving on...I am weary of this body, and this plain holds no gravity on my essence. My family is strong and though they may weep, their strength will carry on. It is time, and the call has gotten to strong to deny. I bid you be well as I start my new journey or should I say adventure.

Left behind...and we will talk amongst ourselves of happy times and quiet laughter. We will miss those eyes of light and the magic that was your embrace. Oh daddy I do love you. Smile on me now as I smile back at you though tears of my own loss and grief. I know you remember as I remember you. No more pain you are free. Take flight and be what you always were -- a star. I will see you in the heavens as I look up at night.

by Dawn

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