Friday, February 4, 2011

Mud Sales 2011

Coming to buy soomething really big or a whole lot of something small? Are you traveling with a trailer and are not sure where you will be leaving it when you are tooling around Lancaster County. We have enough space for you to park your trailer. If you are a guest of Speedwell Forge Bed and Breakfast you can park your trailer easily. Go out and tour the area, have a wonderful meal at one of the many local restaurants come home get a good nights sleep have a filling breakfast then off to the mud sale with that trailer in tow.

Local Volunteer Fire Companies raise funds through what have affectionately come to be known as 'Mud Sales' Fire company sales have been a regular event here in Lancaster County since the mid-1960's. These auctions help local volunteer fire companies raise much-needed funds.

The late Winter and early Spring dates work out best for local farmers because they have more time available before the Spring planting. Since many of the items are sold outside during potentially muddy Spring conditions, these events have affectionately become known as "mud sales".

Often auctions are held both inside and outside simultaneously. Sometimes numerous auctions take place at the same time throughout the grounds.

The items sold vary from auction to auction and include a wide variety of donated goods and consignment merchandise. Auctioned items often include furniture, craft items, quilts, building materials, livestock, buggies and carriages, tools, farming supplies and equipment, garden items, and much more. Plus, lots of good food. Come and enjoy!

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