Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have been experimenting with gluten free foods for some time now.  I don't particularly like the rice flour texture.  So I have been trying pecan meal and almond meal, cocnut flour and pototato flour, potato starch and corn starch, corn flour and well you get the picture.  So I ran accross this little stand on the way to Hoovers.  I had to go look up the name, Garden of eden.  They had very ripe bananas at a VERY reasonable price.  Yes I bought a couple.  ;)  Got home ran them all through the food processor and now I have to cook them.

I am not going to cook them all.  Some are destined to become part of a lovely mango banana sorbet, which I shall share with my guests Friday morning.  The rest will be Grain Free banana bread.

I will need almond and/or pecan meal, coconut oil, honey, eggs bananas, baking soda, salt and a dried fuit.  I think I will use pomegranate.

Gitta run, someone is dropping off meat for the wolves.  More to come!

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