Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Get Away to Lancaster PA

Crazy days.  The todo list just seems to be getting longer.  Everything seems to be important and I just want to get away.  I know it's not just me.  How do I escape?  I walk out to my back yard and listen to the sounds of nature.  I walk back to the Wolf Sanctuary of PA and I watch the wolves play and sleep.  Birds over head and the breeze through the leaves.  The Speedwell Forge Nature Park is just a two minute walk from the house and Middle Creek preserve a fifteen minute drive.

Come to Lancaster PA and relax!  Stay a couple days.  Leave your work at home and stroll the quiet grounds of Speedwell Forge.  Go out and shop for the day and come back in the early evening and relax in the library or Parlor.  Let the tic toc of my 1903 Grandfather clock sweep your troubles away while you snack on homemade cookies or other yummy treats made fresh the same day.

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