Monday, June 3, 2013


Yes I do share my recipes, but that does not mean they will cook the same for you.  I have base recipes but then I add other ingredients depending on what I have in the kitchen.  The spices changes from time to time, as my likes and dislikes change and my grasp of food grows.  I also forget what I did last time I made it.  Darin says I should write down what I am cooking.  He also threatens to hide a camera in the kitchen so he can film what I throw into the mix. I suppose he believes if I know what I did I could recreate the same meal.  Then again, maybe not.

Yes I am happy to share my recipes.  Don't forget to ask, I may forget to share.  Memory is not quite what it used to be.  Maybe it never was and I just romanticize of how my memory used to be.

No I am not professionally trained.  I have cooked all my life.  Sometimes more the other times.  I have grown as the years pass.  I will always try new things, that is in my nature.   But there will always be the old stand byes.

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